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The Weiss-Tamir law office strives to be a firm of first choice for clients seeking sophisticated, high-value legal services nationally and globally. We offer an extensive range of transactional, commercial and litigation services for clients in Israel and abroad. Among our clients a wide range of public and private companies

The office was founded by Maya Weiss-Tamir – an attorney, AND notary, certified as a mediator by the Israel Bar Association. As well as being an economist, Maya holds a L.LM degree in commercial law from Tel-Aviv University

The office combines sector specialism with legal excellence to provide the most commercially valuable solutions to the client’s needs. The expertise is in legal damages including traffic accidents, personal injury in Israel and abroad, and medical malpractice. The office provide legal solutions for contracts and financial settlements specializing in insurance claims in Israel and abroad


Special Departments

Israeli Citizenship and immigration to Israel
Damages, Civil Law, International Law

Polish citizenship, Spanish, Portuguese citizenship, and special Visas. We help investors to start their business in Spain and Portugal and help privet clients to own properties

The office has long-term cooperation with leading consultants and experts (attorneys abroad, CPA’s and appraisers, doctors, safety engineers, etc.) all in accordance with the client’s needs and the specific matter at hand


Israeli Citizenship and immigration to Israel

We help our clients that wish to enter Israel or stay in Israel for a long period, we help those that have a relationship with a not Israeli citizen and who wish to found their home in Israel

We can help with special expert visa and other humanitarian cases


Foreign citizenship
The office has a great deal of experience and success in the procedure appertaining to applying for citizenship and passports for the following EEC countries: Poland, Spain and Portugal – in particular Spanish and Portuguese citizenship to the descendants of the Spanish exile. The office works with the most professional local contacts in these countries, in order to optimize the work processes with the authorities, to speed up the bureaucratic process and ensure a high chance of success in obtaining citizenship in these countries

Spanish and Portuguese Citizenship to the descendants of the Spanish Exile
The amendment granting Spanish citizenship to the descendants of Jews expelled from Spain was approved by the Spanish congress, has come into force on 1 October 2015, and will be valid for a limited time – until 1 October 2019

The Portuguese government passed a similar law with no time limit

Applicants, who will prove their Sephardi origin and comply with the terms of the law, can acquire either a Spanish citizenship or a Portuguese citizenship, without giving up their other citizenship and without a requirement to live in those countries.
Both citizenship bring major benefits of EU citizens, ease of border crossings, study and work in Europe in accordance with the existing treaties. In addition, Spain and Portugal are both included in the list of countries that do not require a visa to the United States
Moreover, Israeli citizens holding a European citizenship will be able to obtain a special business visa to the United States (E2)
All those who receive Spanish or Portuguese citizenship shall be subject to the rights and duties of a those citizenship

The law will be valid for a limited time, until 1 October 2019 , therefore our office will not take any new cases

The office can help to obtain the Spanish citizenship for minors, after the parents completed the process and obtained Spanish citizenship. The office can advise about special visas to Spain for purposes of living and working in Spain. The office helps individuals and investors in Spain to own real state and open a business

The citizenship applies toAdult or emancipated foreigners (family members citizenship may be applied for after);That have not been convicted of a crime punishable, according to Portuguese Criminal Law, with imprisonment for a minimum of three years
Therefore, it is not necessary either to speak Portuguese or to reside in Portugal, as required by the normal route into citizenship by naturalization
An application form must be filed together with the following documents
Birth certificate
Authenticated criminal record certificate issued by the Authorities of the state of birth, nationality and past and present residency
Proof of circumstances related to a tradition of belonging to a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin. Certificate from the Jewish community in Lisbon or Porto


Together with specialized attorney offices, working in Spain and in Portugal, we can accompany you professionally until you will hold the passport in your hand or get the visa you wanted

We are dedicated to every case we take, and know that we will commit the necessary time, resources, and innovation to serve the best interests of our clients
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